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Grades 1st - 5th 

At Discovery Montessori Academy, we focus on the growth of the whole child, from informational to explorative education and the development of well-rounded physical, cognitive, social and emotional skills. Our curriculums for eeach age group focus specifically on their learning stages, needs and capabilities and seek to build upon previous skills and inclinations while continuing to provide building blocks for the future. With an educational, exploratory, encouraging and innovative environment, we stimulate every child uniquely to propel them closer to their potential. Here's what to expect from our private Montessori school:  

  • Trained Teacher: We're not like other schools. Here at DMA, we use discovery and hands-on interactions to let your children learn in the way they need to. Our trained teachers provide experienced, specialized attentiveness and encouragement with our Montessori Method.

  • Stimulating Environment: Like our environments for every age group, our Elementary program is designed specifially for the interest and inquisitiveness of your first to sixth graders, providing them with exactly the hand-on materials, discovery tools, access to knowledge and skills they need to continue to grow.

  • Hands-on Learning: We include hands-on learning, experminetation and exploration along with informational instruction in our curriculum. Interactive, hands-on projects, trips and activities help your elementary schoolers quench their curiosity and develop their capabilities. 

  • Practical Skills: Our nurturing, constructive and encouraging environment aims to develop every aspect of your child - not just their book knowledge. That's why we help them build their accountability, competency and preparation for success in school and their careers by teaching practical skills like responsibility, time management and more. 

  • Social Skills: As your child develops and mature, communication, cooperation and courtesy become even more crucial to their academic and personal success. Our DMA elementary program help children develop and understand social skills like courtesy, empathy, teamwork and manners. We build your little people into the future adults.

  • Cognitive: To develop your elementary schoolers to their full cognitive potential, we design our interactive curriculum to stimulate, challenge and engage our students according to their unique learning-styles and stages. When kids are interested and engaged, they will continue to love learning

  •  Emotion: By encouraging expression, communication nd emotional identification, we encourage our students to live healthy, self-aware emotional lives. 

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