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Safety First

At Discovery Montessori Academy we take safety seriously. We believe that you invest your trust in us to watch and protect your children during the school day and expect us to take any reasonable precaution against possible harm. Not every dangerous eventuality can be accounted for, but we strive to be diligent and fulfill our responsibility to you and your family. 


Emergency Plan

In the event of a local, state, or national crisis the head of the school may declare a state of emergency. An emergency may result from a power outage or another 911 type of event. In these cases, parents will be contacted to pick up their child from campus.

Lockdown Procedures

A lockdown may result from an event in the community that threatens student safety; such as criminal activity in the schools facility, an active shooter, inclement weather or terrorism. It may also result from any incident that calls for an administrative search. When a possible threat is identified, law enforcement officials are contacted immediately. 

There are two possible threat levels:

Level II - YELLOW, means a soft lockdown is in effect. 

Level III - RED, means a hard lockdown is in effect.

During any lockdown, hallway traffic is suspended, oudoor traffic is suspended and perimeter doors are locked. When there is  no longer a threat, the lockdown is lifted and we resume normal operations at Level I - GREEN. During a lockdown drill, law enforcement and neighboring schools are contacted. Parents are also notified via text message and through phone calls. Parents are again notified upon completion of drill.

Hurricane / Storm Procedures

In case of weather or other types of emergencies, Discovery Montessori Academy will follow the lead of their county's public schools with regards to closing. Depending on local conditions, we will make our own decision to re-open if it is safe to do so. The school community will be contacted via-text messages. When there is a distinct threat of inclement weather, information will be posted on social media. 

Fire Evacuation

In each classroom or office there is a Fire evacuation route posted near the door. When the fire alarm is activated students, faculty, and staff follow the evacuation procedures and the Fire Department is automatically contacted. When there is a drill, the central station is contacted prior to the drill. Fire drills are held periodically to prepare students, faculty and staff for an emergency.

Exposures, First Aid, CPR and AEDS

At Discovery Montessori Academy, an exposure plan is in place to protect us from blood borne pathogens that can cause disease in humans. Every classroom and office is equipped with their necessary first aid kits in compliance with OSHA Standards. All members of the faculty are trained in First Aid, CPR and AEDs. A report of accident or incident is filed when there is an accident or injury at the school.    

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